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We currently offer many different sumptuous flavors, as well as a "mixed" assortment. Truffles may be ordered in 8-piece or 16-piece gift boxes. For special orders (smaller or larger packages, or events) please contact us directly.

Coating for all flavors is a rich and dark, dark chocolate.
Centers, except for maple, milk and Champagne are dark semisweet chocolate.
You may notice that all the flavor pictures look remarkably similar. True. The primary differentiation is in the packaging and labeling.

TRUFFLES - select a flavor to order:

Double Dark - semi-sweet center, with a bit of pure Mexican vanilla. For those wanting their chocolate experience unadulterated. Perfection perfected.
Brandy - warm and smooth. Just enough to enhance the chocolate experience.
Rum - Dean's first flavor and still one of his favorites. Myers Dark Rum.
Raspberry - a hint of fruit in this classic chocolate combination.
Coffee - Italian roast with brandy. Have one with breakfast!
Peppermint - peppermint Schnapps and a hint of peppermint oil. Subtle mint awakens your tastebuds without overwhelming them.
Single Malt Scotch - for those of refined taste.
Ginger - candied ginger with brandy. Good for the heart, mind and soul.
Cayenne Pepper - just a touch, to give you a nice glow in the back of your throat. Those familiar with this combination will settle for no other.
Super Cayenne - A hotter version for true cayenne fans. If you like spicy, you will love this!
Blueberry – The real Maine thing, with Maine-Made Cold River Vodka.
Orange - citrus and dark chocolate in perfect accord.
Tequila-Lime – A mix of clearly distinctive flavors, not just for Cinco de Mayo. Cinnamon – A swirl of warm spice. Great with a glass of red wine! Maple - Maine dark maple syrup combines with a white chocolate center. Smooth and sweet Hot Coffee - A pick-me-up combination of Italian roast coffee and warming cayenne pepper.
Champagne - A festive white chocolate and Champagne truffle with a dark chocolate coating, even a hint of effervesance, for all celebrations. Chocolate Stout - Yes, beer. Just like your favorite Guinness, but it's dark chocolate! And non-dairy too!
Milk Chocolate - A creamy center, luxuriously smooth, surrounded by a thin snappy layer of dark (70%) chocolate. Mixed Assortment - Make it a choice of two or four flavors, or let us pick. They will surprise and delight.
Needham* (coconut) - A traditional Maine (potato!) confection updated by using Maine Cold River Vodka (distilled from Maine potatoes). With coconut as custom would dictate. Maine Sea Salt Caramel - A perfect blend of sweet and salt, combining butter, sugar, dark chocolate and a sprinkle of Maine sea salt on top. Available in Milk or Dark. Lemon Apricot Chevre - Savory Maine-made goat cheese from Sunset Acre Farms paired with just the right amount of dark chocolate. The lemon spreads out; the apricot blends in. For everyone with a sophisticated palate. Dairy-Free - Choose from Orange, Needham, or Chocolate Stout, OR try all three!
Boozy - A mix of: Brandy, Rum, Scotch, and Tequila Lime. Fruity - A mix of: Blueberry, Orange, Lemon, and Raspberry. Maine Mix - A mix of: Blueberry, Maple, Maine Sea Salt Caramel and Needhams*
*What is a Needham?
Spicy - A mix of: Cayenne, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Hot Coffee.
Bacon Butter Crunch - Bacon, the best we've ever tried (imported from Tennessee), in a crunchy butter toffee, dipped in 70% dark chocolate. Sweet and salt. It melts and crunches.

NOTE - Sold in packages of four only. Of course, you can order as many packages of four as you'd like! (but cannot be added individually to an assorted mix of truffles)
Moxie - "Distinctively Different!" that's Moxie. Made from the beloved Maine soda, with White chocolate inside and Dark or Milk chocolate outside. If you know Moxie, you love Moxie.
Bourbon Buttercream - Sweet Maine butter and sugar in a dark chocolate shell, oh yeah, with bourbon! Vanilla Buttercream - Madagascar vanilla, sweet Maine butter, sugar and dark chocolate. Raspberry Buttercream - Like raspberry sorbet in a choolate shell - bright and lively and raspberry-y. Espresso Buttercream - Serious coffee with sweet cream, topped with an espresso bean for added zing!


Brandied Orange Peel - 70% dark chocolate surrounding candied brandied orange peel. Maine Potato Chip - Milk Chocolate with crunchy salty Maine Potato chips. It's possibly the best combination ever. Mocha Latte - Crushed espresso beans in a double layer of white and dark chocolate.
Bar Trio - Can't decide on which bar? Try all three! Brandied Candied Orange Peel, Maine Potato chip + Mocha Latte. Hot Chocolate Mix- Dean's own recipe. Real chocolate and cocoa in three delicious flavors; Double Dark, White Mocha and spicy Aztec.You add the milk (1%, 2%, or whole) or make it decadent with cream.


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NEW Chocolate Bars!

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available for:
Chocolate Stout,
Orange &
Coconut (Needham)

Just check 'Dairy Free' button on your order page.

Note - We always have Chocolate Stout dairy-free truffles fresh in stock, though we make the orange and coconut to order. We will contact you with any delay in your shipment, if necessary.

Dean's Hot Chocolate

Warm up with a cup of Dean's hot chocolate, in three decadent flavors.

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