Regular shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail providing for 1-3 day delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.  If you need an order the next day, or if you need to send a shipment outside of the continental U.S., e-mail us to ensure product availability and for FedEx shipping cost.
Warm Weather Shipping
If shipping to a warm climate (80°F or higher) and/or during the summer months of June, July, and August, please add the "Warm Weather Shipping" option ($10.00/shipment) which includes an insulated package and gel-ice.  Dean’sSweets strives to insure that every truffle arrives in its best delectable form.  If you do not select the “Warm Weather Shipping” option, deliveries cannot be guaranteed.

Order Amount Regular Shipping Rate
(1 destination)
Up to $40 $7.50
Over $40 $5.00
Warm weather shipping +$10.00